Game box

I made a box to hold a laser cut Carcassonne set that I have previously made. I used the mitre saw to cut mitre joints into a piece of wood. […]

A Lazy Susan / Chessboard

Sanded veneer

I made myself a Lazy Susan (turntable) with a veneered chessboard on the surface. It is great for board games and serving food. I used a variety of tools at […]

Engraving with the big CNC macine

Small sign made of hardwood — using a simple 2 euro ‘V shaped’ cutter from the bargin bin at the Gamma. The machine used for this is our large portal […]

Laser Cut Icarus

The first week of April we cleaned and realigned the optics of our Lasersaur. It works like new now. The first trial I did was an Icarus Automaton. It’s based […]

Reclaimed Jatoba wood flooring table

This extendable table has been built with reclaimed flooring wood. This table has been built in the course of a year in the space. (finished product first)