The first week of April we cleaned and realigned the optics of our Lasersaur. It works like new now. The first trial I did was an Icarus Automaton. It’s based on a Cupid Instructable by . My pupils at school are working on an Icarus/Daedalus assignment an I thought: “Why not make an Icarus myself”.

Edited design of the Cupid by Robives
The finished automaton

And this is how it looks, when it moves
But of course a trail also brings some flaws to light. The Laser cutter still needs some tweaking of the optics… as you can see on the photo’s of the front and back of the cut plywood for my automaton

The front, it seems to have worked properly
But on the flip side, you can see that the laser hasn’t totally cut through all parts.

I worked with plywood 3mm with a base coat white paint.
The lasersaur was set to speed 1000 at 40% powerit worked good on most places, but there is a zone close to 0 that loses power through alignment problems. Were almost there though… And my project was finished in no time!