Bicycle Trailer

As we all know, cycling is the best way to get around in Leiden in many regards. But what if there’s a lot of stuff that has to be transported […]

Carbon fiber wing foil

Building a carbon-fiber hydrofoil for wing foiling at the Makerspace Leiden. This project used the large CNC, lathe and metal mill to make molds and tools that are used to make the complete hydrofoil.

Sousvide controller

Een simple sous vide opstelling; met een kookplaatje van 10 euro van de Blokker. Zie voor alle details, code. Het ontwerp is vrij simpel; niet meer dan 5 draadjes […]

Rechargeable battery manager

As a father of a young family with toys that require many AA and AAA batteries (some LEGO set require 10 AAA batteries!), I rely on rechargeable batteries for power. […]