As we all know, cycling is the best way to get around in Leiden in many regards. But what if there’s a lot of stuff that has to be transported and a Bakfiets is just not available or suitable for you? In this case a bicycle trailer is a great alternative. Here I document the build of a trailer during this summer.

The build begins with a 12 mm thick piece of Betonplex that was a leftover from a different project. For a smoother experience I rounded off the corners with the CNC router, which is absolutely not necessary but I just recently learned how to use it so it was very exciting. Afterwards holes were drilled according the DIY drawing at, which was also the main source of inspiration for the trailer’s design.

Platform with rounded corners and drilled and countersunk holes

On Marktplaats I found two old 20″ wheels, once used as front wheels of a kids bicycle which I wanted to further utilize for the trailer. Making use of the metal bandsaw, the angle grinder and the TIG welder, a bracket was fabricated that connects the wheels to the trailer. I know it looks a bit odd but it wasn’t that easy to fit all the screws into the limited space still being able to get a grip on them with a wrench.

Welded bracket to cennect the wheel to the trailer

Since the kids bicycle wheels were meant to be attached two sided to a fork, this one sided approach was let’s say a little experimental, but it turned out to be quite stable. I wasn’t planning to transport a human being with the trailer anyways. For the drawbar I decided to buy something of the shelf, together with a nice coupling and I decided to go with a drawbar from which I knew was really worth the money. Screwing together all the parts left me with a fairly cheap and very functional bicycle trailer that I never ever want to miss again. In terms of stability I can tell that I was able to transport three full crates of beer (roughly 30 kg) without any issue. Cheers!

Bottem of the trailer with the welded bracket bolted on