After learning how to sharpen my chisels and planes with the scary sharp method, I decided to invest in diamond stones. Some time ago at the makerspace I saw some scrap oak with “help yourself” written on it, and as I still needed to build a holder for the three stones, I took some pieces and thanked in my head the anonymous donor.

Thank you anonymous donor!

The scrap wood had been sawn on the machine so it only needed some planing to make a small board.

After that I chose the pieces arrangement and proceeded to the glue up:

The glue-up…
and the cleaned-up result.

The stones are 3 x 8 inches, I sized the board accordingly. The next step was to carve the recesses to host the stones. This was the occasion to test the router plane I had bought a bit before. Funnily enough, it didn’t go as smooth as I thought: I wanted to go too fast, and the sole of the router was too rocky. Both my faults, as the router itself is a fantastic tool worth the investment. I am going to add a wooden sole to it for this kind of use cases. I cleaned up a bit and with some extra chiseling I could dry fit the three stones.

The last step was to fix the stones to the the board itself. As I have some gaps between the wood and the stones I went for epoxy. I applied some coats of Danish oil to protect the wood and then I set the stones in place.

The final result

All in all it was a fun project to do. It’s a beautiful, solid and useful object/ I am enjoying it every time I sharpen my tools. I have some wood left from this board that I am going to use for the strop to complete the sharpening set.

And many thanks once again to the anonymous wood donor!