In a rare astronomical event:

all lined up to yield this lamp shade.

First, 100 wooden blocks 2x2x2cm had to be cut. Oak may not be the best wood to get zero tear-out at the edge, but a sharp saw blade and a new cross-slide did a decent job. Without the patience to glue these one-by-one like in that facebook video, we 3D-printed two outer brackets, and welded the inner cylinder (could have also been 3D-printed). The layers were then glued in pairs, and then pairs assembled into a 10-ring lamp.

As a final touch, a thin plywood disc was added at the top of the assembly to hold the bulb, and a large block to cover the hole in the ceiling (will actually cover the whole hole in v2.0).

My daughter loves the warm light this lamp brings to her room, even with a “hard white light” LED bulb in it. Wood was left unfinished, to keep the scent of oak.

Should you want to make one yourself – I’d be glad to help!