General information about MakerSpace Leiden

MakerSpace Leiden is an open workshop where people from diverse backgrounds come together to share tools, instruments, and knowledge to make things.

Since our opening in 2013, we have become one of the largest and best-equiped makerspaces in the Netherlands. We have achieved this through a culture of great freedom and responsibility for all participants.

Our group of over 100 people ranges from 18 years old to very experienced. There is freedom to work out your own ideas, but also unity to help each other and maintain our workshop together. We have steadily grown into a diverse group with one common factor: a creative spirit and the urge to realize ideas.

Qu'est-ce que you make me jetzt ?



Energiefixers071 is een organisatie die de energiearmoede van Leidenaren bestrijdt. Ze hebben daarvoor van City of Science een electrische tuktuk gekregen toen deze voor hen geen dienst meer had. Deze

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Laser cutter

Spelende Handen

Hoera de Lasersaur is met vereende krachten weer gerepareerd. Eindelijk weer aan m’n projecten. In de map zat nog een werkstuk voor m’n muziek maatje. Twee piano spelende handen. De

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Bicycle Trailer

As we all know, cycling is the best way to get around in Leiden in many regards. But what if there’s a lot of stuff that has to be transported

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Carbon fiber wing foil

Building a carbon-fiber hydrofoil for wing foiling at the Makerspace Leiden. This project used the large CNC, lathe and metal mill to make molds and tools that are used to make the complete hydrofoil.

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