General information about MakerSpace Leiden

MakerSpace Leiden is an open workshop where people from diverse backgrounds come together to share tools, instruments, and knowledge to make things.

Since our opening in 2013, we have become one of the largest and best-equiped makerspaces in the Netherlands. We have achieved this through a culture of great freedom and responsibility for all participants.

Our group of over 100 people ranges from 18 years old to very experienced. There is freedom to work out your own ideas, but also unity to help each other and maintain our workshop together. We have steadily grown into a diverse group with one common factor: a creative spirit and the urge to realize ideas.


Low Profile PCB Holders

SensePeek makes lovely PCBite things that hold a PCB during soldering or testing. Unfortunately, as pretty much every review will tell you, they are a bit high. Which is great

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 twee weken terug bouwde ik een elektrische takel (€80) om in een fiets lift (vanaf €150). Ik knipte de kabel in tweeën en paste de spoel aan zodat ze allebei

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Laser cutter

Bakfiets #1

Some time ago a member of MakerSpace Leiden donated this bicycle to our project. It has served as a dog carrier, and was nearing end-of-life: First step was to get

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