Some time ago a member of MakerSpace Leiden donated this bicycle to our project. It has served as a dog carrier, and was nearing end-of-life:

First step was to get the metal frame fixed. We cut the rotten parts out, welded in replacements. Original construction did not have water escape holes in the tubes, which caused excessive corrosion, so we drilled them, too:

The frame is now fixed, painted, coated with protective varnish. Time to take care of the wooden “bak”.

Which we then engraved with our “Lasersaur” onto the panels:

Second “dry run” assembly, to see how everything fits and looks together


Until it became the beauty as shown here 🙂

Now it serves a group of Ukrainian families with disabled children, kindly accomodated at gemeente Montfoort, so they can go out together on a trip to the country side, or even visit the nearby city of Utrecht.

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Old parts were measured, CAD model made, and new parts laid out and cut on our CNC mill @MakerSpaceLeiden from marine-grade plywood

First dry fit: nice, but boring.

Then came the hardest part of the project: finding a Ukrainian artist to breathe some life into this beast. Luckily, a good friend @Melianna recommended @Taanlish, who made the original design:

And then many hours of epoxy coating, waiting, sanding, repeating