By combining the use of the venyl cutter with the sandblasting cabinet you can create great artwork on glass. By sandblasting glass you give the glass a rough surface that reflects light differently than the clear glass.

create your image in Inkscape (or similar)

First you need to make a mold on the venyl cutter. You can do this with any vector-based drawing program. We prefer to make use of ‘open source’ software so Inkscape is a good starting point. When you have created the lines that difine the shape of your artwork you can send it to the venyl cutter, which cuts it in special sandblasting foil.

Cut it with the venyl cutter

Then peel off the parts that you want to sandblast, which is easier said than done. Especially if your object is rather small.

Then you put it on a transfer foil and stick it to the glasswork that you want to sandblast. Cover all the parts where you don’t want the sand to roughen the surface.

All that’s left to do is to sandblast in the designated cabinet. Make sure that you blast all the uncovered parts of your object. Easy peasy…;-)