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I am considering becoming a participant.

If you are thinking about participating in Makerspace Leiden, we would like you to consider the following:

  1. The Makerspace is a shared workshop made by and for its participants. This means that you are not a 'customer' of the Makerspace but that active participation is expected of you. You become part of a 'community' where your contribution is important.
  2. Participants pay their dues each month (currently 25 euros). That money is intended to pay the rent of the building, buy general supplies, and sometimes the purchase of equipment. General resources (bits, blades, etc.) are expected to be replaced by the participants on their own volition. Reasonable costs will be reimbured by MakerSpace Leiden, but tools for specific tasks or large projects are at the participant's own cost.
  3. Becoming a participant is a commitment. You cannot stop your participation temporarily and continue later. Nor is it the intention that you become a participant to finish one project and then quit. We as a group invest quite a lot of time and attention to new participants to ensure that you integrate quickly into the community and can work safely in the workshop. Of course, there can always be circumstances that prevent you from joining and quitting is always possible.
  4. We use a 'balance' principle, where we assume that everything you give or take is balanced. So if you are a "heavy user" of the workshop, you should also invest more time in general chores. If you use a lot from the general supply, donate regularly to the supply as well. If you often take a drink from the refrigerator, then also get some drinks to replenish it. In short, balance the scales. By the way, you are the only one who can see that. This is an honor-based system and it works. It creates an open and amicable atmosphere and we want to keep it that way. It also means that we keep each other on our toes about our responsibilities.
  5. Participants have the opportunity to discuss general issues and/or make recommendations to the board through the monthly participants council. The board is ultimately responsible and makes all decisions with input from the participants council included in its deliberations.
  6. In all decisions, the safety of the participants and the space will be of paramount importance.

How to proceed

If you have read the above text carefully, consider visiting a MakerMeet introductory evening. You can do that every first Tuesday of the month. Send an email to that you would like to come

Have you attended this meeting and do you still think you would like to participate,

then we would like to tell you how it works:

If you decide to become a participant and you are 18 years or older, you can follow the following step-by-step plan:

  1. Pay 25 euro/month to: NL30 TRIO 0197 6945 19 In the name of Stichting Makerspace Leiden. Please transfer by automatic transfer on the first of the month. (Please mention in comments "participant [name]" or similar).
  2. Send an email to State your name and that you want to become a participant. If you want to introduce yourself to the group, you can do so on the list of participants after your registration.
  3. Once payment is processed by the board, you will become a participant and your registration will be listed on the participant list. The board may make arrangements with people other than the above if necessary.
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