Queen of the garbage bin.

I enjoy making weird animals or figures.Browsing through the bins at the Makerspace gives you lots of things to work with 🙂 Resin project with computer parts: Millie

Laser Cut Icarus

The first week of April we cleaned and realigned the optics of our Lasersaur. It works like new now. The first trial I did was an Icarus Automaton. It’s based […]

Reclaimed Jatoba wood flooring table

This extendable table has been built with reclaimed flooring wood. This table has been built in the course of a year in the space. (finished product first)

Plasma cutters and the CNC Gantry mill

We recently got a small Plasma cutter from the lidl at the MakerspaceLeiden. Now we already have a rather nice (and large) CNC Gantry milling machine: at the MakerspaceLeiden. So […]

colorful coffee table

This is my coffee table made from American walnut (gray), Oak (white) and Padouk (red).